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Lego Serious

Stimulate your imagination and foster teamwork

With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, creativity flourishes and unique solutions come to life! This revolutionary approach fosters a deeper sense of understanding by stimulating different areas of the imagination to come together in perfect harmony. Unbridle the power of your people to unlock their full potential – this method is designed to help identify the joys and challenges inherent in problem-solving.

  Play to Create – Create to Play  

As a Certified Facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, I am always excited to work with businesses and teams, to combine the power of play with the science of emotional intelligence. Through this innovative approach, teams will become more collaborative, creative, and engaged in their tasks. This unique 3D experience has allowed me to see how small groups become far more efficient when individuals are given the chance to express themselves freely, define their purpose better, and gain insights together. All of this adds up to an environment where ideas flow freely, commitments get tackled with heart and conviction, and success finds its way with greater ease. With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, the possibilities are truly endless.

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The serious business of play

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY provides businesses a chance to tap into the knowledge and energy of their people. This revolutionary approach to problem-solving gives participants a chance to explore and explain their views, identify crucial opportunities, and develop creative solutions.

Companies utilizing LEGO SERIOUS PLAY will envision new areas of potential for their organizational development while learning how to embrace challenges, take risks and make decisions with greater clarity. With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a tool, organizations are able to expand their goals with innovative solutions.

We create flow in processes, remove obstacles, and build bridges.

Business Application

Workshops can be tailored to different organisational needs. Typically, the primary focus is one of the following:


  • Team Building

  • Problem-Solving

  • Employee engagement

  • Creating Shared vision

  • Collaboration and synergy

  • Conflict Management

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Communication

  • Breaking down Silos

  • Agile Teams

Regardless of the chosen topic, your team will experience great benefits: 

  • Inclusion and recognition of everyone involved regardless of background, experience, or knowledge.

  • Models and metaphors that the participants will remember.

  • Increased ability to work with complex topics.

  • Insight into versatile perspectives that provide common knowledge and understanding.

  • A new collective system of knowledge from which you can act in a coordinated manner.

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I create tailored workshops that transform teams through out-of-the-box thinking

By focusing on the likes of team building, problem-solving, employee engagement, and collaboration, my LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops open new possibilities for learning and development, resulting in an environment of trust, creativity, and growth. I craft tailored, interactive workshops that are customized to your current need and help you reach the solutions you seek.

Ready to play?

Say yes to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and move beyond the limits of traditional problem-solving to explore creative solutions and gain new insights! Contact me today and get ready to enter a world of innovation and limitless possibilities.

Uniquely designed hands-on workshops based on your current challenge


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