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Hear What Our Clients Are Saying


“Coaching with Soha has been definitely a valuable investment, she helped me by listening to me and understanding my weaknesses, strengths and potential while i would not recognize it myself without her support , she is an amazing professional human and she'll make sure to get you to the future place you want to be in ."

Mayss M

Clients Account Manager


"Attending the Emotional Intelligence workshop facilitated by coach Soha was an eye opener.
Her knowledge about the topic was impressive and her wealth of experience made the content relevant, also her ability to work the room with the different personalities from different generations & cultures was skilful and seamless."

Lara S

Senior Marketing Manager


“I'm at a loss for words as to how much Soha impacted my career. Soha, is very professional, calm, patient, supportive and empowering coach. Her compassionate approach made it easy to open up and talk about my challenges, and doubts and much was accomplished during our work together. I believe that her vast qualifications, professional experiences and her personal life experience enhance her abilities to assist others in identifying a better career path."

Dina A

HR Generalist


“From our first session Soha Chahine helped me think about what I really want to accomplish, I had rest my priorities and goals, the surroundings were never as clear, I became more focused and that helped me to achieve faster and better than ever.”

Mohd B

Managing Director


"I was completely confused with my career and stuck in my life. I was ready for a career change but have no idea what else you could do or where to start. Tired of being confused, I turned to Soha for career coaching and couldn’t be more grateful. Soha helped me a lot to identify my values and to embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me. I never thought coaching would be this beneficial. Today, I am back on my streak and conquering each milestone one at a time again.”

Cecilia M

Senior Core Lab Technologist


"Soha is one of the most best coaches I have ever dealt with, I have attended recently one of her workshops and it was very informative and supportive by giving live examples and ensure her audience are taking a great benefit out of her workshops."

Faten K

Head of HR


"Recently I had the absolute pleasure of doing a career coaching session with Soha. I went in with an idea of what i thought i wanted to achieve, but having the session with Soha it completely opened my eyes and mind to new possibilities in my career. I realized that I was the one holding myself back and how much potential i had. I would have never come to this realization if it wasn't for her.
Since meeting with Soha, I went from recently loosing my job to now working in a company i love and as well, starting my own business. I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to listen and understand my potential when I couldn't see it myself."

Candice B

Digital Marketing Executive


“Soha is a phenomenal professional coach in every sense of the word. She was an invaluable resource; she can connect dots with ease and shift gears and infuse you with the confidence and strategic skills to move ahead. 

Thank you Soha, you’re more than my career coach, you’re my mentor in many aspects.”

Asmaa A

Assistant Manager


"Soha is the total package, a skilled coach, source of wise counsel, consummate professional and incredible support!
Working with Soha has allowed me to uncover many facets of my abilities; I have been able to explore situational awareness, communication style, non-verbal communication, and so many other incredible tools that I never realized I had at my disposal, and simply needed to learn how to access them. In a nutshell, Soha’s coaching has taken me from Career Potential to Career Success!"

Kawthar S

Senior Procurement Specialist


"There is just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years that have made a profound impact on my life, and soha tops my list! She is a top-notch outstanding resource that any Leader would be smart to have at his or her side! Her approach is very personal, and her coaching programs are tailored to your specific needs. Working with Soha was the best professional investment I could have made in my career. Thank you Soha for inspiring me through this one of a kind learning experience."

Bechara H

Managing Director

Untitled design.png

"Soha undertakes her role with a vision and passion that goes beyond the narrow mission of HR. Moreover she is proactive and focuses on a larger perspective that reflects a deep sense of commitment on achieving the clients objectives. I had a great opportunity to be coached and mentored by her & we could assess the need for work life balance. I consider it a pleasure to have had a very interactive session in relation to my career path. The guidance provided by her was no less than exceptional."

Neesha R

GRC Consultant


“I never believed in coaching until a chance led me to Soha. Working with Soha helped my personal development and that made a positive impact on my social life as well as career. I started to see things differently more like holding a magnifying glass on surroundings to better my decision making.”

Chadi S

Customer Service Officer


"I don’t usually write reviews but I took out the time for this one because Soha deserves all the praise it can get. As a former Head of Execution thinking about starting his own business, things haven’t been easy. A friend recommended Soha as a career coach so I decided to give coaching a shot. I must say, the whole experience was wonderful. I feel much more confident after just a few sessions, amazing work!”

Peter M

Managing Director


"Soha is an exceptional career and Emotional Intelligence Coach. She has a versatile wealth of "Soha is an exceptional career and Emotional Intelligence Coach. She has a versatile wealth of resources, techniques, and tools that can help anyone gain clarity and make great change. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Tarek K

Product Specialist


"Soha is very special, and she made me feel special the moment she became my coach. I am confident woman yet my energy towards my career was not in the right track. Soha, empowered me with every step in the process. Her experience and her knowledge added up to bring the light hidden within me. She triggered all my emotions and energy to align them, and the result was phenomenal! I am now more open to opportunities.
My energy and confidence are aligned, and I am now focused towards my career goals & my side hustle. Soha, will go the extra mile to make sure that you are aware of the process, she is very well organized and will make sure to get you to the place you want to be in!"

Lamis A

Product Manager


"Soha is an exceptional resource for Team Coaching. We have recently used Soha’s Team Coaching services at Palais Chic. Her team coaching program had a huge and excellent positive impact on our team and organization. I highly recommend Soha to large and small organizations who desire to improve organizational Team performance.

Palais Chic Interiors

Managing Director


"I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with soha. “
She is a skilled coach and consummate professional that goes above and beyond in coaching and supporting her clients through their Career and Emotional Intelligence journeys. Learning how to leverage my own emotional self-awareness to develop and strengthen my other competencies and recognizing my blind spots have definitely been a game changer. I will continue practicing her techniques even now that our coaching program has ended.

Sarine G

Senior Client Relationship Management


“Soha is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. My experience working with her was invaluable, both to my personal and career development. She helped me figure out what exactly I want to do, why I haven’t done it yet, and how to create that change in my life. 
If you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, look no further than Coach Soha.”

Hoda Gh

HR Officer


"Working with Soha has been nothing short of rewarding and transformational for me! The shift in my mindset and self belief is incredible. She has really helped me to identify and gain clarity on my professional goals, to make significant progress towards them and maximize my potential. I am honoured to say that Soha inspired me to become a Coach myself so I can also inspire others to succeed and flourish like she did with me."

Sally S

HR Business Partner


"I was happy to attend Soha's recent workshop about resilience I learned a lot about creating a positive mind set, and how to raise my psychological resources. I am packed with skills that will help me in my career path. Soha is a confident and close to the heart coach, looking forward for you next workshops."

Amaal Gh

Master Coach & Author


"I had the pleasure working with Soha Chahine, ICF Certified Career Coach, on several projects as a co-facilitator. Soha is one of the best Career- and Emotional Intelligence Coach in Dubai, with outstanding professionalism and passion for her work. 
Planning and executing every single workshop or seminar have been amazing experience with her, thanks to her unique expertise, discipline, and massive contribution paired with an always positive energy. The impact Soha creates for the audience is second to none, the way how she has navigated any group with ease and stepped in (or out) when needed seamlessly is something that amazes me over and over again. I’m extremely grateful for knowing Soha as a reliable, professional partner and certified coach."

Szilvia V

Wellness Coach & GM


"I see it is very important to set a few minutes to share one of the most effective game changer experiences I ever had through my entire professional life, being honoured to work with Soha Chahine as my Career and emotional intelligence coach was one of the greatest decisions throughout my journey. She really helped me to unleash my deep capabilities and skills and to re-arrange my career strategy for coming steps in such a clear effective uplifting way I never imagine to have. Through the experience, Soha showed a very high level of being professional, supportive, understanding and mindset organizer. she let me deeply understand my strength points and how to amplify them for a better coming steps and decisions. She provided me with a clear mind map to internally understand my emotions and feelings towards obstacles and the best way to conquer them. Honestly, no words or actions to thank you Soha for creating a better stronger more effective version of me."

Mohamad A

Sales Leader

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